Even Cheap Mattresses Can Be Good

Cheap mattresses can also offer a long life and ideal lying properties: The mattress test of “Kassensturz” and balance shows this. Despite large price differences (between 199 and 990 francs), the results are close together.

Eight mattresses came out with an overall rating of “good”, three even with a rating of “very good”. The cheapest mattress in the test for just under 200 francs achieves the “good” overall mark of 5.3, while the second-best mattress in the test costs just under 300 francs.

However, not all are suitable for sleeping on the side, the most common sleeping position

Service life good to very good

Ergonomics and durability are the main criteria in the mattress test (see “How it was tested”). Pleasing: The durability of all tested mattresses is at least “good”.

Six (Happy, Ergomaxx, Bico, Sanaflex, Sultan, Pfister) even score “very good” with grades between 5.6 and 6.0. In concrete terms, this means that they will still be in reasonable condition after about ten years of use.

Ergonomics sufficient to good

However, not all mattresses pass the equally important ergonomics test. The body zone support of four mattresses was only rated “sufficient” by the test experts from the Ergonomics Institute Munich: Celesta, Hilding Anders, Robusta, Pfister.

Anyone who sleeps in a lateral position – the most common sleeping position – should make sure that the mattress allows for deep sinking and thus relieves the shoulders.

However, three mattresses do not optimally fulfil these requirements (Celesta, Robusta, Pfister). All other mattresses are “good” in this criterion.

In an average-sized man, the shoulder protrudes about six centimetres further than the pelvis. The mattress should also be able to give way that much so that the spine rests straight when lying on its side. Make sure to look out for mattresses that provide sagging warranty, if you’re not sure which brand provide such warranty, feel to read this article to find out the best non sagging mattress.

Tight covers and colorful contents

A cover that is too firm, too tightly stretched makes the mattress harder than it actually is, because the cover reduces its elasticity. This negative effect can be measured at Ikea and Pfister.

A look under the cover often reveals mattress constructions with cavities, layers in different colors and inserts. However, these visually striking refinements are often an ineffective sales gimmick, as measurements have shown.

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