Tiktok Marketing: How to use this social network

As the years go by, the growth of users who have stopped being passive recipients of traditional advertising and have become active, even content consumers, becomes more evident.

With this same advance of users and technologies, new platforms are born that help people to solve concerns or just to be entertained.

Brands must know where their ideal people are, and it is on many of these platforms that they may be found. It should, then, be there where they should offer quality information.

A Digital Marketing agency can help you channel what kind of information for each platform because, even if you address your Buyer People with a brand language, each channel has its own dynamics.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about free tiktok likes trial, but not everyone is clear about what it is.

How to market content with this platform? This is what we want to clarify in the following lines, as well as to know what are the keys to succeed with this app.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is an app for smartphones (iOS and Android) to share videos of 15 to 60 seconds duration that can be customized with animations, filters and other special effects.

This application comes from the Chinese company ByteDance and is not yet available for the desktop.

In addition, TikTok is also a social network that promotes the sharing of small video clips among an interactive community, in which each user can show their daily life incorporating music and animation.

Recently TikTok has become the favorite of Generation Z and Millennials; you should take this into account, as it is about the consumers of the future.

How does TikTok work?

Downloading the app to your iOS or Android is the first step, then you can register with your name or nickname, but you can still use your email or phone number.

It works very much like Instagram; that is, on the home page you can see video content shared by other users, as well as system suggestions depending on your profile.

On the right side of the app you will see four items:

  • User profile, and if you click “+” you can start watching your audiovisuals.
    Heart, to give like to the content.
    Share the content in other social networks.
    To create your own video just press “+” at the bottom and follow the instructions that will be given.

These videos can be uploaded directly from the app or select a pre-recorded one you already have in your gallery. In addition, you have a sliding interface that allows you to write texts easily.

Once you create a video, you will notice the variety of animations, stickers and filters that the platform has to customize your content and make it more entertaining.

This app definitely caught the attention of young people with its thematic videos: makeup, DIY, sports, among many others, so it intends to compete directly with Instagram.

Why use it within your Content strategy?

According to Sensor Tower, TikTok has 1.5 billion downloads in the app store and Google Play, which suggests that its growth is imminent and that it is not only the favorite of the youngest. On the other hand, its users are in contact with different types of content.

TikTok promises to be competition for social networks like Instagram and Facebook, as it has managed to position itself very well in a very short time.

Likewise, and according to the mentioned study, this platform is used by people at any time and place; that is, at any time of the day in malls, beaches, schools, universities, etc.

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